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Nightshades- The Number One Health Problem
Dr. Norman F. Childers

No. 1 Health Problem:  When drugs, surgery, and psychology have failed, this Diet often works - if the patient is sincere and rigidly abides by it.  We were not born to be sick.  We make ourselves sick.  The nightshade plants, when found in pastures, are ruinous to livestock.  farmers have known this for over 100 years and today those plants are destroyed with herbicide chemicals before they can cause any harm to the animals in the field.  The nightshades are subtly and eventually ruinous to us... and we die ten to 30 or more years early.  This is our present evaluation: from a nutritional standpoint, my observations over the years (close to 40 years and with several thousand cooperators) indicate a very close similarity between the nutrition of plants and livestock (which is well-documented) and the nutrition of plants and humans.  As time passes, this similarity will be increasingly realized.  Some day, maybe sooner than we think, scientists will realize the above evaluations are true.
In addition to arthritis, we have found links between nightshades and many other afflictions.  Could an Alzheimer's or cancer link exist also?  Nightshades are nutritionally very complicated and only limited research (this Foundation) is available for their effects on people.  Our Foundation apparently has the most intense study to date.  Like tobacco, people are addicted to these foods and would rather look the other way!